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Range Shoot and Pancakes
4-26-15 1:00 pm - Courts Plus
Suburban Anti-Zombie Association

This is our normal, monthly range get-together at Article II in Lombard, IL. Our monthly casual meetup alternates between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.   The Sunday morning meetup is followed by lunch at Princeton Pancake house. If you...

Sunday Morning Outdoor Tennis (Nanci)
4-26-15 1:00 pm - Courts Plus
Lombard Area Outdoor Tennis Group

I'm not going to be there on Sunday,(family and boyfriend time) but thought, a lot of you might like to play :)  so just make sure to bring your own tennis balls this time-- i think it is supposed to be in the 60's!  this is for Intermediate,...

Meetup Serve & Return Class - All levels welcome Sunday 1-2:30pm
4-26-15 1:00 pm - Courts Plus
Tennis Anyone (INDOOR/OUTDOOR) Meetup by Jim Robinson

Coach Jim will guide you through a serving journey... This is a 100% serve & return class... You will improve on 2 things  1. SERVING  2 RETURNING 90 minutes and hundreds of balls (gee sounds like fun).  $20.00 anyone... 1-2:30pm

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